NR Medical Imaging runs an on-line x-ray reporting centre in Section 13, Shah Alam, Selangor. The centre is patronized by almost 200 clinics and medical centres from all over Malaysia.

If you like us to report your films, just give us a call & we will fax you a form to open an account. We will then give you a username and password to log in to our portal  . Before sending the films, you will need to key in the patients’ name into the system. Once we receive the films, we will double check  to make sure the correct films are sent. The films are now ready for reporting.

The cut off time for reporting is 1pm i.e any films received before 1pm will be reported the same day. If the films are received after 1pm, it will be reported the next day.

Once the films have been reported, you may log back to check & print the report.  Alternatively, you may request us to fax the result to your clinic or medical centre.

However, if the case is urgent, please give us a call or just drop in to bring the films personally.

We report all kinds of x-rays ranging from plain x-rays to PET CT. Our reporting fee schedule is very competitive and unmatched in the current market.
By having your films professionally reported, it not only reduce your risk of litigation but also improve the quality of your x-ray services. Your patients will certainly appreciate them.
We handle both Fomema as well as non-Fomema films. You may send all your films or only the questionable ones for 2nd opinion.
For Fomema films, we will also assist you in sending the films to Fomema XQCC & we do this every week. This is one big headache less for you!


  1. Hi , how to send the films via online. We r using CR imaging system.

  2. We re in the process of making this available very soon. If I can have your contact no, I ll arrange for a trial.
    Please email me at

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