Monday, September 30, 2013

Case review 4: Bronchiectasis


A 34 year old man presented with chronic cough with yellowish greenish sputum. A chest x-ray was done and sent to NR Medical Imaging for reporting. What do you think?
X-ray findings
His chest x-ray showed multiple ring lesions scattered over both lung fields especially at the bases. These are consistent with bronchiectasis. Some air fluid levels are seen indicating super-added infection.
Bronchiectasis is a condition in which the lungs' airways are abnormally stretched and widened.This stretching and widening is caused by mucus blockage. More and more mucus builds up in the airways, allowing bacteria to grow. This leads to infection.
Bronchiectasis can develop at any age. It begins most often in childhood, but symptoms may not appear until much later. Bronchiectasis can occur as part of a birth defect or as a result of injury or other diseases, like tuberculosis, pneumonia and influenza. It also can be caused by a blockage in your airways due to a growth or something you inhaled as a child such as a piece of a toy or peanut.
Bronchiectasis cannot be cured. But with proper treatment most people with bronchiectasis can live a normal life.

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