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This 40 hours programme is designed for new x-ray license holders.
These could be GPs starting new x-ray centres or GPs changing license holder's name (eg father to son).
The programme is divided into 5 modules and done over 2 1/2 weekends.
Course fee: RM2,250
One course fee entitled to one doctor and one radiographer.
We encourage you to bring your radiographer as a refresher for them.
Venue: NR Medical Imaging, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

6 April 2013: Module A - Medical Physics
Basic Information on Ionising Radiation
Radiation Hazards and Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation on Man
Principles of Radiation Protection
Monitoring and Measurements
Safety Measures in Exposure Room
Characteristic of X-Ray, Effect and Control
X-ray Equipment, Components and Production of  X-Ray
Chest pathology 1

7 April 2013: Module B - Chest Radiography & Medical Imaging
Radiographic Technique, Practical Demonstrations & Practices: CHEST
Clinical Practice: Care and Maintenance in Film processing, Film Fault and Artifacts
Quality assurance: Image Production & Film Quality
Introduction of Medical Imaging
Chest pathology 2

13 April 2013: Module C: Upper Extremities Radiography & Anatomy
Radiographic Techniques, Practical & Demonstrations: Upper Extreminities: Shoulder,Elbow, Humerus
Maintenance & Calibration of Equipment: Dark Room/Processor
Radiographic techniques, Practical & Demonstrations: Upper Extreminities: Radius/Ulna/Hand/Wrist
Overview of Anatomy and Topology: Chest, Upper Extreminities: Shoulder,humerus,scapula,clavicle, forearm,elbow,wrist & hand
Chest pathology 3

14 April 2013: Module D: Lower Extremities Radiography, Anatomy & Patient Handling
Radiograpic Technique,Practical Demonstration & Practices: Lower Extreminities - Tibia, Fibula, Foot, Ankle, Knee
Overview of Anatomy and Topology: Lower Extreminities - Tibia/fibula, knee and ankle, foot, ankle, pelvis, hip, femur
Patient care & Handling
Musculo-skeletal pathology

20 April 2013: Module E: Equipment Maintainance, Legislation & Digital Radiography
Maintenance and Calibration of Equipments: X-ray Machine
Maintenance and Calibration of Equipment: Computed radiography, Cassette & Screen
X-Ray Equipment, Components and Production of X-Ray: (Familiarisation with the System)
Radiation Safety Audit, Legislative Act 304 & Record Keeping
Reporting Fomema x-rays
Digital radiography

To register, call Asma at 03 5518 4930

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